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It’s always interesting to hear about somebody setting a world record. Perhaps we have even attempted to do so ourselves, but it isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Then again, there are people like David Rush out there. He makes it a hobby to break world records and so far, he has set almost 250 of them. Some of his world records include the most bowling balls juggled, the world’s slowest juggler, and the world’s fastest juggler.

Photo: YouTube/David Rush

Recently, he went in a different direction by trying to set a world record for blowing up balloons. The problem was, there was an interesting twist to it. He had to blow them up with his nose.

In the video, you can see David setting the world record by blowing up 10 balloons in only one minute. He was able to top the previous record, which was only nine balloons.

Photo: YouTube/David Rush

This wasn’t the first time that he attempted this particular world record. He tried about five years ago, but due to circumstances, such as allergies and colds, he couldn’t quite beat the nine balloon record.

According to the rules of the Guinness World Records, it isn’t just a matter of blowing up the balloons. You have to blow all of them up with your nose and tie them off within only 60 seconds.

Photo: YouTube/David Rush

The previous holder of the balloon-blowing record is Ashrita Furman. Since 1979, he has set over 700 world records and he also has over 200 standing records, which is a record in and of itself.

Rush is trying to break at least one record a week. He does so by practicing in his spare time between a full-time job and family responsibilities. In his words, “You make time for what’s important to you.”