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Ask anyone who does makeup and they will tell you that the makeup brushes are one of the most important parts. At times, it may also be one of the more expensive collections that we have in our arsenal of makeup tools. Keeping them clean, however, is another story.

On TikTok, a man by the name of Kevin Kane is known for pranking his wife and he records it for the world to enjoy. Most of the pranks don’t really do much damage, although they can be a little frustrating for his wife.

Photo: Unsplash

Now that Kane has uploaded a new video, it is both hilarious and a little disturbing. He starts out by saying how his wife was “complaining about having to clean her makeup brushes.” That is when he decided to do something nice and clean them in the dishwasher for her.

Photo: TikTok / lookingforkevin

This really wasn’t a prank, he was just doing something that wasn’t all that smart. It doesn’t take much searching to find out that cleaning your makeup brushes (which are not cheap, to begin with) in the dishwasher is not a good idea.

Photo: TikTok / lookingforkevin

It appears from the video that his wife was fond of expensive brushes.

After the video shows him opening the dishwasher and looking at the destroyed brushes, he asked, how could he fix it in 20 minutes. I think some flowers are in order.


Ummmmmm TikTok I need your help!!! How do I fix this!!! #NHLFaceOff #HealthyCooking #ohno #mistake #makeup #makeupartist #wompwomp #womp

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