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When I was about five or six, I went with my parents to a magic show. I remember being completely mesmerized by all the different tricks and illusions performed by the magician.

I thought it was completely real. Of course, as I grew up, the novelty of magic wore off when I realized that it wasn’t actually real. Still, I couldn’t quite figure out how all the slides of hands work exactly. Some tricks just have a certain mystery to them – even if the magic isn’t real.

Photo: Raw Pixel

Because of this, it is often said that a magician never reveals their secrets. At least, not until now. One Chilean magician, Raffaello Criscuoli, has tweaked that rule slightly.

In an Instagram post, the magician decides to give away a few of his secrets to the audience while performing a sleight of hand trick. He filmed himself performing this trick at an angle, so as to show viewers just how it’s done.

Photo: Instagram/raffaellomago

That is quite interesting. It looks simple enough, and if practiced, might make a fun party trick at your next gathering.

It certainly gives an intriguing insight into how steady magicians have to be with their movements so as not to give away what they’re doing.

Photo: Instagram/raffaellomago

In the video, the trick goes down well with Criscuoli’s participant, who seems just as mystified by the trick as we would be – had we not been privy to the way it works.

Watch the Instagram video below:

What do you think of the magic secrets revealed? Did you already know how some of these tricks work? Let us know!