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The parenting experience can be a challenging one and this story serves as the perfect illustration of these issues.

As parents, we try to do everything in our power to make our children’s days as special as possible. However, these best efforts can be thwarted and it is not our fault at all. Does that make things any less frustrating? Of course not.

Photo: Pexels/Pavel Danilyuk

The mother in this story went through this exact sequence of events recently. She used a lollipop and baby bell cheese as a way to create a cute little face on her child’s cookie. It sounds so nice, doesn’t it? We cannot see how this one went so wrong. It was an adorable gesture that somehow went awry. That’s parenting in a nutshell.

No matter how hard we try, it feels like we are still going to come up short. That’s not to say that we are bad parents, thats’ just the way things go sometimes. The creation did not hold up throughout the day and it was not long before the concoction started to melt.

Photo: Facebook/Krystal Weinberg

Her son did not want to eat it, which we can understand. As you would expect, the child was left confused by what had taken place.

Krystal Weinberg is the mother in question here and luckily, she is able to have a sense of humor about the situation. She shared this hilarious lunchbox fail with a Facebook group called What I Asked For Vs What I Got. “Tried to pack a cute lunch for my kid using a baby bell cheese and a candy mustache,” the story begins. “Me at pick-up: Sooooooo?? Did you like your lunch ?? (*waits for giggles of delight*) Them: WHAT?! NO!!! GEEZ MOM! What the heck was that even supposed to beeee?!?? Me: What?? It was supposed to be cute,” Mom continued.

Once the child showed Mom what had become of her well-meaning creation, the source of their confusion was far more obvious.

Photo: Facebook/Krystal Weinberg

“Them: It WAS NOT *cute*. It was literally horrifying! Me: …wut..? *opens lunch box* GAAAHHHHOHMYGAWD!!! Note to self: Put juicy fruit in a separate compartment,” Mom continued.

At least she was able to learn a lesson from this. The after photo is just as awful as you would think. The lollipop mustache was totally melted, leaving the cookie a disgusting mess. Oh well! Mom certainly meant well here.