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Losing a bag while traveling is one of the toughest experiences that you can have when you are on a big trip. The hassles that are associated with this type of issue are too numerous to list.

This is especially true during the holiday season. That’s what makes this “luggage angel” so special. According to Inside Edition, she decided to help out people who lost their luggage last Christmas.

Photo: Youtube/Inside Edition

This story began on December 26. A teacher from Tampa, Florida named Brittany Loubier-Vervisch decided that she needed to be the one to help people. She was trapped in an unending cycle, as she searched for her own luggage. That’s when she had an amazing epiphany. Why would she limit her search to her luggage when she could help others?

That is when the luggage angel was born. “I got there (and) was like, ‘Oh my God. Like, I’ve never seen anything like this,'” Brittany shared with Inside Edition. “Just piles and piles of luggage everywhere between the carousels, multiple rows of luggage.”

Photo: Youtube/Inside Edition

Her husband was at the Southwest Airlines customer service counter at the time, so she passed the time by helping to reunite others with their lost luggage.

This is something that she chose to do out of the kindness of her own heart. It was on her heart to do it and she doesn’t want any credit for doing the right thing. “I was circling through the baggage claims as stuff was coming off the line and being piled up and if there was a tag on it with a number, I sent a text,” Brittany continued.

Photo: Youtube/Inside Edition

In fact, the work that she was doing was so helpful, there were a number of people who assumed that she was actually an airport employee. “I was like walking through the bags, I was like, ‘Oh, here’s your bags. Is this your name?'” Brittany shared with Fox 13 News. “And they were like, ‘Yes,’ I’m like, ‘Oh, here’s your other bags.’ And they were like, ‘Do you work here?'”

From there, she ended up sending out 70 to 80 texts to people whose bag she found. One of them even spoke out about the experience on Twitter.

“Thank you to the random stranger who texted me that my suitcase was in fact in Tampa,” Taira wrote on her Twitter page. “You are a life saver! Especially since there was no way Southwest could ever tell me.”

This is the type of selflessness that we love to see and we are also glad to see people reunited with their luggage!