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During the early aughts, the Disney Channel was home to no shortage of iconic female characters. We loved seeing heroines like Raven Baxter and Sharpay Evans triumphing over their adversaries.

In addition to being iconic, these characters were also very fashionable. A whole generation of young ladies grew up hoping to dress just like they did.

Photo: TikTok/@misss2005

Now that we have TikTok to show us the way, we have seen a wide range of people who are looking to bring all of the classic clothing from the time period.

Nicole is an early aughts influencer who regularly posts these types of videos. She goes by @misss2005 on Instagram and TikTok. If you are the type of person who goes gaga for Disney-related content, her videos are always a must-see.

Photo: TikTok/@misss2005

Nicole recently came across the most shocking find during a trip to her local Target and thankfully, she has decided to share it with the rest of us. “I STOLE LIZZIE MCGUIRE’S SHOES!!!” the text on the video reads and this is a call to arms for anyone who grew up watching the show. She got the chunky orange platforms that Lizzie was known for rocking and we cannot believe it.

It is surprising to see that they are even being made anymore. As you may have expected, the shoes were even modeled to the perfect song choice.

Photo: TikTok/@misss2005

She showed them off as “The Tide Is High” by Atomic Kitten played, which is a classic to anyone who spent a sizable chunk of their childhood watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

The fact that she shot this video while sitting under the poster for Hillary Duff’s 2004 movie “A Cinderella Story” is just icing on the cake.


MY EARLY 2000S HEART IS SO HAPPY #2000s #2000snostalgia #lizziemcguire #nostalgia #throwback

♬ original sound – ZAVA

“MY EARLY 2000S HEART IS SO HAPPY,” her caption reads. She was able to take home the shoes for all of $40 and while they are not a perfect match for the ones that Lizzie’s character once wore, that has not diminished the joy she is feeling.

T”HEY LOOK SO GOOD ON YOU!! I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I neeeeeddd!!” replied one viewer.

We hope that everyone that wants a pair is able to get their hands on them as soon as possible.