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Growing up, almost everyone plays a sport at least once throughout their childhood. Whether its peer pressure or curiosity as you figure out your tastes, we all find ourselves on a team.

For me, my sport of choice when I was in junior high was volleyball. I quickly figured out it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t the best at it, and really only joined the team because that’s what all the girls were doing in the seventh grade.

Photo: Pixabay/stanbalik

I was lucky in that my mom never forced me to join any kind of sports team when I was really little (Innthink she knew it wasn’t really my thing). But there are some kids out there whose parents encourage them to get on a team in order to get them moving and making friends.

If you’re a parent with kids on sports teams, then you’re probably familiar with the weekend routine, shuttling back and forth between different sports.

Photo: TikTok/@kwash7

Like any sports parent, your phone is probably full of pictures or videos of your children in action – or more like videos of inaction if you’re this little boy’s mom.

In a hilarious TikTok video, one mom shared a video of her son’s little league baseball game in which he was the team’s catcher.

Photo: TikTok/@kwash7

I’m sure he’s a wonderful little baseball player, but judging from the video, we don’t think he’ll be making a splash as a catcher in the major leagues. The funny clip shows the boy doing the absolute bare minimum…and we can’t stop laughing!

Check out the hilarious video in the TikTok below:


My sons the catcher 😂😂😂 #baseball #perulittleague #catcher #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #fypシ

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What do you think of this kid’s baseball performance? Did your kid ever have a funny moment during a game? Let us know!