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The warm weather is great, don’t get us wrong. Unfortunately, there are certain drawbacks that come with it. No, we’re not talking about sunburn or anything so severe. The issue that really sticks in our craw is the fruit flies. Even when our home is freshly clean, the little pests still make themselves known. It’s enough to drive anyone insane, quite frankly.

Today, we are here to change all of that for you. You don’t have to fret about these nuisances any more. These are among the hardest bugs to get rid of because it’s almost impossible to flush out all of the eggs that the visible adults have laid. So how do we handle a problem this unique? The solution is probably much, much simpler than you ever could have realized.

We can’t take all of the credit for this amazing hack, though. The true credit goes to Grant Thompson. Some of you probably know him as “The King of Random” and his YouTube channel is an absolute goldmine. Best of all, this trick even leaves your kitchen with a fresh, lemony scent.

Photo: YouTube / The King of Random

Oops, we’ve given away the primary ingredient, haven’t we? As long as you have a lemon and a small plastic container, you are in business. Grab a knife and use it to slice a piece of lemon. Make sure that the piece you cut is flat on all sides. Squeeze out some of the juice, put it in the container, and add the slice. Create a small hole in the lid of the container. You want this hole to be big enough for a fruit fly to get through but small enough to keep them from getting back in.

Put the lid on the container, place it in a high traffic area for the fruit flies, and wait for the magic to happen. As soon as the trap has filled, put a few drops of water into the hole and place it in the microwave. 15 to 30 seconds on high and the flies are gone for good.

Dump the trap back out and repeat as needed. From there, you should be all set. It’s really that simple and we have Grant to thank for restoring order to our kitchen, at long last. You’ll definitely want to share this one with everyone you know who is currently grappling with the same endless struggle.