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We already know that you can pretty much build anything with Lego.

Besides amazing replicas of famous landmarks, you can actually build something quite functional using Lego.

Photo: YouTube/The Brick Wall

That is exactly what The Brick Wall did when they built their own Lego washing machine and dryer.

Yes, we didn’t think that would ever be a possibility, but, apparently, it did a great job washing and drying socks. As demonstrated in the video, Lego really can be used to make anything.

Photo: YouTube/The Brick Wall

As the video’s caption so cleverly states, “Student dream – working personal Lego Washing Machine.”

All we can say is we’d want one too! Imagine how much you can save on electricity if you use one of these instead of a regular washer and dryer.

Photo: YouTube/The Brick Wall

Of course, this Lego was only built big enough for small items, but maybe The Brick Wall can make one for larger items like jeans? One can only hope.

Check out the video down below:

What do you think of the Lego washing machine? Would you ever want to try to build one yourself? Do you think it could keep your clothes as clean as a regular washing machine? Let us know!