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If you have ever been told that you look like all that and a bag of chips, this is the perfect accessory for you. You won’t believe the handbag that Balenciaga debuted at the Summer 2023 “The Mud Show” presentation.

It is a literal bag of chips! Lay’s potato chips, if we are being specific. While these bags tend to cost just $4, Balenciaga is raising the stakes a bit. Lays shared photos of the new bag on Instagarm, and it’s hard to distinguish between the real Lay’s chip bags!

Photo: Instagram/@lays

Anyone who would like to take home one of these bags is going to have to part with a bit more cash though. They are going to be sold for $1,800. Creative director Denma came up with this clever spin on the classic clutch and we are totally smitten. The classic chip bag graphic is present, in addition to the company’s subtle branding.

These bags were on prominent display during Paris fashion week, as the brand offered up a mud-covered runway. Kanye West and a model helped the company debut the bags. Lay’s fans are sure to appreciate that the bags come in all of the classic colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. This is the sort of partnership that we did not see coming.

Photo: Instagram/@lays

That does not make us any less excited, though. Now, we just need to find someone who is willing to purchase one of these bags for us.

People are sure to snatch these up and they are a unique addition to any handbag collection. They’ll be available for sale beginning in the summer of 2023.

Photo: Instagram/@lays

“Balenciaga releasing a [Lay’s] potato chip bag with they name on it for $1800 is quite possibly the most preposterous, perplexing, puzzling, befuddling, bewildering, dumbfounding, stunning, jarring, hornswaggling, and downright confusing thing i’ve ever seen this year,” read one tweet.

Where do you stand on this one? Be sure to sound off and let us know!