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You may have thought that you had seen a big pumpkin before, but guess what? You have not seen anything yet, though.

This upstate New York resident has managed to grow the largest pumpkin that you will ever see and trust us, we have done our homework on this one. According to The Buffalo News, this pumpkin weighs in at a whopping 2,554 pounds, making it the single largest of all time.

Photo: Unsplash/
Ana Essentiels

This pumpkin is smashing national and state records. This story took place in a Buffalo, New York suburb known as Clarence. Of course, this pumpkin was found at the Great Pumpkin Farm because of course it was. Scott Andrusz is the man who is responsible for growing it and we cannot believe that he managed to cultivate a pumpkin this size.

The craziest part of all? The records that he broke were much closer than you would think. We thought that this man would have shattered both the state and national records with ease but he barely squeaked it out. The final tally is much closer than we would have guessed. The national record before it was broken by Scott? 2,528 pounds. That means that he beat it out by a mere 26 pounds.

Photo: Facebook/The Great Pumpkin Farm

It had to be such a heart-pounding moment for him when the pumpkin was first being weighed. We wonder if he even tried to weigh it on his own. That would be a tough task so we can understand why he may have crossed his fingers and rolled the dice. It’s not like there are a lot of places where you can take a pumpkin that weighs this much.

He broke the New York state record a bit more comfortably. According to The Buffalo News, this record stood at 2,517 pounds before Scott’s pumpkin laid waste to it. 37 pounds offers a bit more breathing room, but again, we are willing to bet that he was nervous until the final numbers came in.

Photo: Facebook/Great Pumpkin Farm

It’s one of the most amazing things that we have seen in quite some time. If you are in upstate New York and you would like to see the pumpkin for yourself, it is going to be on display until the 16th of October.

You can see a video of the pumpkin weigh-in that was shared to Facebook by the Great Pumpkin Farm:

In case you are curious, the pumpkin is still nowhere near the world record. An Italian farmer managed to grow a 2,702 pound squash just last year, according to NPR.

What’s the largest pumpkin you’ve ever seen? Let us know!