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Back in the 1960s the film industry was undergoing a transformation. In the days of Old Hollywood, when Lana Turner was first starting out, many scenes were filmed on sets with expensive wardrobes that spoke of wealth and utilized rhinestones to simulate diamonds. By the 1960s the preference was for location shoots in exotic places and more casual ladies’ wardrobes were making it on screen, but a costume screen test for Lana Turner from the ’60s has surfaced and the clothes are still quite glamorous.

Lana Turner costume screen test for Love Has Many Faces
Via/ YouTube

The film that first made Lana Turner a star was They Won’t Forget in 1937, and one scene in particular made her famous for her figure. But, nearly 3 decades later Turner was still one of the leading ladies of the industry, starring in Love Has Many Faces. Sadly the film failed to win any Oscars, but did win a Grammy for the score’s “Best Liner Notes”.

Despite the flat reception, the film’s costumes were designed by the world famous Edith Head, who was the genius behind the costumes for such classic films as Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard, A Place in the Sun, and Roman Holiday, among many others.

Stephanie Powers costume Screen test for Love Has Many Faces
Via/ YouTube

The clip also features the screen tests of the other main stars of the film, including young Stephanie Powers. It’s an interesting behind-the-scenes look at how the costumes for films are decided upon. See the fabulous 1960s costumes for yourself in the video below.