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Fall is upon us and that means that it is pumpkin spice season at last. All pumpkin spice everything, that is our motto! While you can technically have pumpkin spice items any time of the year, they definitely hit differently once fall finally arrives.

There are so many items that incorporate pumpkin spice now, we are barely even phased when we see them. But one new pumpkin spice option did surprise us and catch our eye – and that’s Kraft’s new Pumpkin Spice Macaroni and Cheese.

Our heads are spinning when we think of all the meals that we can put together with this one. The mac and cheese is even being teased to resemble the classic PSL, being pictured in a coffee cup.

The classic Kraft Dinner cheese powder that you know and love is present and accounted for, along with some new flavors, including cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger.

If you’d like to try this macaroni and cheese, you can sign up to win some here.

Once October is here, 1,000 Canadians will be given the chance to try this macaroni and cheese out for themselves.

As the website says, “Ever wondered what KD with Pumpkin Spice would taste like? Like if your mac and cheese had hints of cinnamon, dashes of allspice, and layers of ginger, nutmeg, and cloves all slathered in KD cheese? Probably not, but we made it anyway.”

We cannot wait to hear more about the reviews that they are going to have to offer. If you reside in the United States (and we are sure that there are a sizable number of you who do), you will have to settle for some pumpkin spice in your bowl of plain mac and cheese.

While Kraft did just take a poll to see if there’s interest in releasing a similar offer to the US, as of now, it’s just being launched in Canada.

But, you can always sprinkle in some spices yourself and see how it treats you. Once you have had a chance to taste this mac and cheese flavor, let us know how much you like it. And if you want to settle for regular mac and cheese, that is OK too!