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No matter what the tabloids say, celebrities are not just like us.

Sure, they may shop at Target sometimes and wear sweatpants, but they still have unimaginable amounts of money, nannies on deck, and the resources it takes to hire personal trainers, chefs, and assistants. That being said, there are some celebs out there who seem like they really are wholesome, down-to-earth humans. Actress Jennifer Garner, everyone’s favorite girl next door, is one of those people.

She’s always been super lovable, but watching her endure tabloid and marital torture after she and ex-husband Ben Affleck split made us want to protect this sweet angel more than ever before.

Fortunately, she has landed on her feet, as women do! The lovely mama of three is thriving and living her best life post-divorce and we couldn’t be happier.

What we’re possibly most excited about, though, is that she has created a Facebook-based series called “Pretend Cooking Show.” During each episode, she picks out a recipe her family loves and shares it with all of us who are also pretend chefs.

Whether she’s making human-shaped bread (much cuter than it sounds) or English muffins, she gives us her insider tips on how to make things just right even if things are not going “just right” in the video, which is basically the most relatable thing ever.

Also, she wears cute little animal-print pajamas. Can we be besties?

And like the rest of us, she is an Ina Garten super-fan. Along the way, she explains every detail and gives tips on things like how to make sure yeast stays active. “Protect your yeast, that’s what I always say,” she quips over her stand mixer in episode two.

Check her out in the video down below and try not to squeal too much. And don’t forget to share this extremely important news with everyone you know!

2017.12.20 Pretend Cooking Show

I tried to do an Ina! What should I do next Ina Garten? #honeywhitebread #pretendcookingshow #emphasisonpretend #barefootforeverBarefoot Contessa's Honey White Bread recipe: "Scrapping and Yelling" by Mark Mothersbaugh

Posted by Jennifer Garner on Wednesday, December 20, 2017