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Jennifer Garner Shared Her Genius Hack For Softening Butter On Instagram

Jennifer Garner has been making headlines lately for her fake and relatable cooking show she does on Instagram called the “#PretendCookingShow”.

In her most recent video, she took some instructions from her cooking inspiration (and mine), Ina Gardner. The holiday episode, titled “Cook Like a Pro,” shows off her latest hack to softening butter and it’s absolutely genius.

Garner uploaded a video to Instagram of herself making Rose Beranbaum’s chocolate bread recipe from The Bread Bible. Garner had set out all the ingredients and tools the night before to ensure a sharp 5:30 a.m. baking session…but she forgot to soften the butter!

Garner then did something I had never seen any chef do before…She grabbed the cheese grater and grated the remaining stick of butter like a block of cheese. She then tossed the butter chips into the mixing bowl. GENIUS.

With the holidays and Christmas cookie season in full swing, hacks like this will save you when you are stressed for time. Hopefully, we can get more episodes of Garner’s #PretendcookingShow soon.

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