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Post a recipe online, and it’s up to the world to decide its fate — will people love it or hate it? The errors, the comments, and the questions are enough of a stress to deter anyone from sharing. But one person took the worries of posting an online recipe and made it into an entertaining venture. is one of those popular communal posting sites. If you have an account, you can upload onto the platform. And one user, going by the name ChrissyG, posted a recipe that had people scratching their heads.

It was ice cubes. Yes, ice cubes.


Rather than people questioning the oddity, site users leaned into the recipe, making it a running joke.

Comments came in both criticizing and complimenting the so-called recipe. Some people had questions, asking if they could use a slow cooker. Others asked if you could freeze any leftovers. Another commented that chilling the water cut down on cooking time.


Photos varied from mistakes to even an ice cube sandwich. Humor in what is seen as troublesome became entertaining. Even the simplest of things can create an ounce, or in this case, a tray of fun.