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Kayla and Drew Gottfried decided to tie the knot under the gazebo of a friend’s house 14 years ago. It was the most special day of their lives, as you would expect.

Unfortunately, there was an issue once it came time to save the memories of this big day. The video editing store that they took their tape to told them that it was blank.


This would have been the end of the story in most instances, but not this time. The Oregon couple may have thought that they lost all of their footage forever, and in the majority of cases, they would have been right.

However, 14 years later, Drew received a message from a buddy of his two months before the couple’s 14th wedding anniversary.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

He was told that the tape with the lost footage had been found! We can’t even begin to imagine how excited he must have been to get this message.

Being the clever husband that he is, he decided to hold onto the information and wait for the anniversary itself. What a smart idea!

Photo: TikTok/earthsassassin

Drew shared the reveal on TikTok. “This is my wife, Kayla. Today is our 14th wedding anniversary!” Drew explains to the audience. “She has never seen a video of our wedding ceremony. We were told shortly after our wedding that the video had been accidentally erased.”

Kayla thought drew rented a theater to watch their favorite movie together, but little did she know what Drew had up his sleeve. The moment is too sweet when she realizes its actually their lost wedding tape that’s going to play!

Photo: TikTok/earthsassassin

Watch the moment for yourself in the video below:


A surprise 14 Years in the making! #weddinganniversary #love #happiness

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