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Wooden furniture looks great in the home but it can be tough to maintain. In the words of Larry David, do you have respect for wood? Even those who say yes to this question are sure to experience all sorts of unwanted stains. Whether these stains are caused by careless guests or you are being the forgetful one, this is an all too common issue.

The Cooking Channel is here to help you out with this endeavor. All it takes is one person who doesn’t think twice before they put a pitcher of water down and there you are with a seemingly permanent drink ring. Once these stains have revealed themselves, many people end up believing that they need to sand them down. Fortunately for you, the Cooking Channel is providing a better way to remove these stains.

Photo: YouTube / Cooking Channel

They know that most of us don’t have the tools, time, or desire to sand down all our wood furniture. An errant pitcher might have your tables looking like they are in need of serious repair, but you do not need to fret!

Don’t hoard this awesome tip, though. You are going to want to share it with your friends. Once you have had a chance to share the pointer with your buddies, they are going to be amazed. Water rings like these are usually impossible to get rid of but when you take the time to watch this clip? The impossible becomes the attainable! Be sure to share away, folks.