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Being an adult means having to clean up after yourself. And as anyone knows, the housework never stops. That is why we love a good cleaning hack that makes life easier for us. But what about the hacks that not only make cleaning easier but also save us a bit of money? Well, as it turns out, this one can do both.

For those who want cleaning to be a little easier and more cost-effective on their wallet, you might have looked into a Swiffer Wet Jet, or even bought one for yourself. While the initial act of buying a Swiffer Wet Jet doesn’t cost a whole lot, it can get a little pricey since the company does highly recommend buying the brand’s refill cleaning pads. Constantly purchasing their cleaning solutions and pads can get a little pricey in the long run.

However, thanks to one TikTok user, Angelica Boyce, there is an easier way of doing things. When it comes to the cleaning solution, the Swiffer company has made it pretty tamper-proof in terms of getting the lid off the Swiffer cleaning solution – this is so you don’t go trying to use any other cleaning products in its place. But Boyce has found the way of getting the lid off with no hassle.

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In her video, she explained that “there is a hook that catches on a lip so that you cannot twist it off.” But once she gave her reasoning explanation for the difficulty, she showed viewers the fix to get it off with little hassle. In the video, Boyce shows how easy it is to remove the cleaning solution’s lid off in less than a few minutes.

Given this hack, it is now possible to fill up up the Swiffer Wet Jet with any solution that you wish. This means that you don’t necessarily have to use Swiffer’s own brand, you can just use whatever you want. Plus, to save even more money, Boyce suggested that you dilute your floor cleaner with a bit of water in order to stretch it. Not only does that save you money but it’ll keep your floors from feeling too sticky afterward.


CLEANING LIFE HACKS BABYY! Also instead of buying pads use an old sock ☺️ #lifehack #cleaninghack #quarantine #sustainableliving #savetheplanet

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One of Boyce’s viewers raised a very good question about the disposable cleaning pads that come with the Swiffer. Boyce had a good money-saving solution to that as well. She wrote back, “You can use micro fiber cloths or even just a fuzzy sock and just wash and reuse.”

Boyce’s good advice on reusable microfiber cloths is also environmentally-friendly as well. But several of her viewers have already put her advice to use and it turned out to work great for them!

So, if you are an owner of a Swiffer Wet Jet, are you going to be trying Boyce’s hacks? Let us know!

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