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If you have a little one at home, you are probably wondering when you will stop having to deal with the permanent marker stains. That fateful moment when they come wandering into the room carrying a permanent marker is a scary one. Our blood runs cold, as we wonder what they have trashed now. We’ve all done that sprint around the house, hoping that they have not ruined anything of importance.

Thankfully, there may be a solution to removing permanent marker. Turns out, it’s not so permanent after all.

Posted by Useful tips on Monday, November 19, 2018

If the children take a Sharpie to their clothing, you can use hand sanitizer to get rid of the excess marker. Gone are the days of having to throw out their clothes and buy new ones.

For walls, use hairspray and toothpaste to remove the stains.

For wooden surfaces, try rubbing alcohol.

For hard to reach furniture stains, milk can be used to treat them.

Glass and ceramics are easy enough to maintain, too. To rid glass and ceramics of permanent marker, a solution can be created that is one part baking soda and one part toothpaste. Use the solution to clean the stains away.

Whiteboards are easily cleaned with the rubber eraser of a pencil or a dry erase marker.

We hope that you are not forced to deal with any permanent marker stains any time too soon. They are annoying as heck and they make us want to tell our children that they cannot color anymore. But, now that we have access to these hacks, these days are over. No more yelling at the children over issues that are simple enough to fix.

You may want to write these tips down somewhere easily accessible for moments of need!

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