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Limescale build-up in the bathroom is one of the more annoying household issues that has a nasty habit of cropping up at the worst time.

It feels like we are stuck in a battle with this problem that never ends. No matter what we seem to do, it seems to come back even faster than it showed up in the first place. Fortunately, this woman has a very helpful solution.

Photo: TikTok/@kudmari2

This is easily the best hack that we have ever seen and we are so happy that we have the chance to share it with our readers.

The pointer that she has to offer also happens to be very simple. You do not need to be a cleaning guru to handle this one. This commonly seen bathroom grime is actually caused by unwanted interactions with hard tap water.

Photo: TikTok/@kudmari2

The woman goes by @kudmari2 on TikTok and she’s got the perfect remedy. She usually likes to post lifestyle content but in this case, she elected to make an exception. “Let’s clean my faucet,” the text to video function intones and that’s how you know that you are about to see something awesome.

From there, she grabs a small sheet of grease-proof paper and takes a moment to scrunch it all up. Once the paper is scrunched, she uses it to buff the faucet and the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom. If you have any metal fixtures, this is the perfect way to make them look brand new again.

Photo: TikTok/@kudmari2

We are blown away by how the limescale seems to just vanish, without her having to put in all that much effort. We wish that we had always known how easy this is.

Grateful viewers started to flood the comment section with all sorts of well wishes. “This has been the bane of my life. Thank you!!!” said one of them.


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Other TikTok users even uploaded videos of themselves taking on this hack and the results more than speak for themselves. However, some viewers did point out that the bacteria that is left behind is not actually removed. “Microfiber cloth, works like a charm and nothing wasted,” suggested one viewer. Regardless of the method that is chosen, we can all agree: this works like a charm!