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Sometimes a good run through the laundry isn’t enough, and clothes still aren’t in the best shape. Rather than throwing in the towel, follow some simple tricks to revive the life back into your wardrobe.

Smelling Weird?

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Have you ever pulled your clothes out of storage only to find that they have a musty smell? Go to your kitchen and pull out some white vinegar. Before putting the clothes in the washer, soaking them in equal parts water and vinegar will decrease that musty smell. The properties of white vinegar destroy some of the odor-causing bacteria.

Dull Clothes?

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Are your whites looking dingy? Reach for lemons! Alongside their antimicrobial and deodorizing properties, lemons are a natural bleaching agent. The night before you do laundry, soak your whites in a bucket with ½ cup of lemon juice and hot water and wash the clothes just like normal the following day. This presoak will lift stains and even out discoloration from fabrics.

Faded Colors?

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Just like whites, colors can also lose their luster, but instead of buying a special product simply turn to table salt to bring the bold brightness back to your clothes. Reverse clothes inside out (to prevent patterns from peeling or labels from fading) and add ½ cup of table salt into your wash. Salt acts as a binder, preventing colors from bleeding.

Deep Wrinkles?

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Afraid of ironing some delicate or special fabric? Use this method instead. Run the shower until it gets the room hot and steamy, then hang your clothes on the shower curtain rod and close the door. The steam to loosen up any wrinkles!

Shrunken Sweater?

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Salvage a shrunken sweater with this method! Fill a bucket or sink with hot water and let the shrunken sweater soak for a few minutes. Gently wring the sweater out and lay it on a towel. Stretch the sweater back into shape. You can let the sweater air dry or carefully spot dry the stretched-out places with a hair dryer.

These easy and natural tricks will freshen up your clothes without digging deep into your wallet for fancy sprays and cleaners.

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