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The Internet has brought about a lot of changes, including the way that people buy homes. It comes with both positive and negative aspects and many unaccepted things.

One unexpected way the Internet has changed the way people buy homes is that you can now view a house or property prior to purchasing it. Real estate listings can show photos of the house and list detailed descriptions, but sometimes they can leave out important details.

Photo: flickr/Tony Mariotti

One TikTok user who goes by the username @xackdaddymacdaddy knows just how important it is to view a property in person before purchasing.

They shared in a video, “When you buy a house sight unseen,” and the house looked fine from the front. However, right behind it was an amusement park and one of the rides was flying extremely close to the back of the house!

Photo: TikTok/xackdaddymacdaddy
Photo: TikTok/xackdaddymacdaddy

They shared in the caption, “And the listing had the audacity to say ‘conveniently located near the boardwalk.'”

The video looks fake, as the ride swings so close to the home. What a nightmare this would be for a homeowner! However, at least it’s a convenient walk to the amusement park for some late-night popcorn or rides.

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