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If there’s one thing that most of us appreciate, it’s the food that we eat. Stick around any conversation for more than a few minutes, and it will quickly turn to food.

It’s little wonder that food enthusiasts are so popular on social media, including TikTok. They don’t even have to necessarily enjoy eating the same type of food you do, they just need to do something unusual.

Photo: TikTok/@barfly7777

That certainly is the case with Barfly, a TikTok enthusiast who often makes unusual meals in a hotel room. Since most of those hotel rooms don’t have a kitchen, he does what he can to make up for it with some unusual style.

One of the videos that he posted got a lot of attention but not necessarily for all the right reasons. It was a video that showed how to make pizza in a hotel room.

Photo: TikTok/@barfly7777
Photo: TikTok/@barfly7777

At this point, you may be intrigued, wondering how it is possible but when you see him actually making the pizza in the bathroom on the sink with the toilet in the background, you begin to wonder if it’s worth it. He mixes everything right in front of you, including the flour and yeast, and other ingredients.

I’ll be the first one to admit that a countertop, such as the one shown here, would be a perfect place to mix a pizza crust but considering the fact that it is in the bathroom makes it undesirable, to say the least. That being said, he continues to put it together and even adds in some additional seasonings.

Photo: TikTok/@barfly7777

His reason for adding the seasonings is to cover up the taste of the hotel bathroom. He also uses seasonings, including Heintz honey mustard, from a packet to cover up any odors that may get in the crust. After rolling everything out using the hotel ice bucket, it’s time to cook.

Both of the sides of the pizza are heated in a pan and then he uses a heat gun he brought with him to finish things off. If you just saw the pizza itself at the end of the video without any idea where it was mixed, you might think that it looked rather good.


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Then again, we did see the toilet and we know what might be lurking on those countertops, so the comments were not necessarily in his favor.

Even a chef seemed to have gotten in on the action, saying that the improvisations that Barfly includes in his videos are interesting but hotel bathrooms are not a place to make a pizza. In the end, the alleged chef said that there was a toilet in the background and he was not going to be eating the pizza.

I would say I agree, wholeheartedly.