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If you are anything like us, these are the types of transformations that are truly amazing to you. Wait until you see what this Indiana couple was able to pull off.

They were able to turn this gym from the 1950s into a suitable home. Now, they are looking to cash in on all of the hard work that they put into this building, to the tune of $300,000.

Photo: YouTube/WCNC

According to Insider, Jeff and Christi Broady first got their hands on the property 20 years ago. They made the purchase back in 2002 from Roy Wilson. He’s a realtor who happened to have a very special connection to the gym. It is where his graduation ceremony took place.

At the time, the property could be had for $85,000. Once Wilson listed the property, he received an offer within three days.

Photo: YouTube/WCNC

The 3.6-acre property is located in Wilkinson and once served as the site of a hardware store. Before becoming a hardware store, it was just a gym. The gym was once connected to two classrooms that were constructed back in 1902 and 1922. This gym and the classroom were the heart of the now-closed Wilkinson High School.

As you would expect, the home is a sizable one and each of the rooms is very spacious. The old hardwood floors still remain and the basketball free throw lane markings are still there, in case you are curious.

Photo: YouTube/WCNC

This is certainly a home that will appeal to all of the basketball fans out there. The kitchen is massive, there are four bedrooms to choose from and three full bathrooms as well.

“I graduated from that building, and I can tell you where I was sitting during graduation,” said Wilson during an interview with USA Today. “The gym floor is still there … That end of the floor is where I sat, just about the free throw line, to the right of the basket.”

Photo: Realtor/Roy Wilson

Of course, you are wondering how this story ends. Wilson is not divulging the final numbers but the home sold rather quickly. All that we know for sure is that he was able to get “at least” the asking price.

20 showings took place within days and four offers were made almost immediately. If we had to guess, Wilson was probably able to move the property for well above the asking price. What a modest realtor!

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