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Our methods of communication have certainly changed in recent years. These days, we often type out our messages to each other, and sometimes, we don’t do any more than send an emoji or two.

The problem is, we’ve seen those emojis so many times that they are becoming boring. If that is your issue, then you will appreciate that the iPhone contains a lot of hidden amenities that you may not have seen before.

Photo: flickr/mroach

iPhones are also notorious for having some hidden features that are often discovered by accident. It seems as if that might be the case this time, and thanks to a viral video, we can see all the options for Emojis.

The method is rather simple. You go into the iMessage application in Apple’s messages app. Open a chat and type in an emoji. Don’t hit send but hold down the send icon.

Photo: Pexels/RODNAE Productions

What this will do is unlock a page that has been hidden and is now sending emojis to all of your recipients. At that point, tap the screen at the top and then select “send with echo.”

Suddenly, your screen will be full of emojis when the recipient has already viewed the text.

Photo: TikTok/sash789

They can also replay the echo over and over if they like. It is also possible to send more than one emoji in a message.

Watch the echo in action below:


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In order to use the multi icon echo, you will have to have the latest iOS version. You can always check for an update by going into “settings,” clicking “general,” and then look for “software update.”

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