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Most people enjoy puzzles of some type or another. They may use them to pass the time, or perhaps they may even use them to stay sharp. The fact is, that almost all puzzles can accomplish both of those benefits at the same time.

I’m sure you also know that not all puzzles are created equally.

Photo: TikTok/@hecticnick

Some people will enjoy doing a jigsaw puzzle, which requires them to sit at a table for hours on end trying to find that one missing piece that is so elusive. Others, however, will just turn to the Internet to find a puzzle.

That is what we have for you below and it comes to you, thanks to TikTok. A video was recently uploaded by a social media user named @HecticNick and he has a challenge for you.

Photo: TikTok/@hecticnick

According to Nick, only 1% of people who look at the image he is showing will be able to find the two hidden cats. He then challenges you to find both of them.

As far as the image is concerned, it’s a relatively normal drawing of a husband and wife sitting in a lounge passing the time. The man is reading the newspaper and there is a child playing on the floor.

Photo: TikTok/@hecticnick

Honestly, it’s not difficult to spot the people in this video but it takes a long time and a very keen eye to spot the felines. The question is, will you be in the top 1%?

Check out the TikTok below:


Can you find both of them? #illusions #foryoupage

♬ Beggin’ – Måneskin

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