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What’s the difference between heavy cream and whipping cream? Aren’t they the same thing? If you are anything like us, this is a perplexing question. We honestly thought that were the same thing and when we head to the supermarket and are forced to choose between the two, we find ourselves confused. From the looks of it, we are not the only ones who are experiencing this struggle. While they may seem similar, there are some crucial differences that need to be addressed.

The biggest difference is in the milk/fat content percentages between the two. Every type of cream that you purchase is going to come with at least 18 percent milk fat. However, whipping cream clocks in at 30 percent and heavy cream, or heavy whipping cream, must contain at least 36 percent.

Photo: Pixabay

However, recipes that incorporate whisked air can benefit from both of these creams. That’s probably why so many of us find them to be interchangeable. Meanwhile, there are some who are probably wondering if they can use half-and-half instead. This would seem to work, wouldn’t it? On the contrary, experts do not recommend it. You are simply not getting the same percentage of milk fat.

Half-and-half only contains up to 18 percent milkfat, but in some instances, it can have as little as 10.5 percent. This means that it is not a quality substitute for the aforementioned creams. The more fat content within the cream, the more likely it is to be used for various recipes because if the cream does not have a high amount of milk fat, it is not going to be as useful once it is in a whipped state.

We are all stuck in the house for the foreseeable future, so now is the time to play around with these creams and start using them properly! You can even pass this little tidbit of information along to the aspiring bakers in your life. And please, stop using half-and-half as a substitute for these creams!

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