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When this woman started to hear a weird noise in her walls, she did not know what was happening. We cannot begin to imagine how terrifying this must have been for her.

It would be hard to maintain composure in a situation like that. Kenna Buchanan is now sharing the harrowing tale with her followers on TikTok. The source of the noise? You won’t believe it until you see this one for yourself.

Photo: TikTok/@kennabuchanan3

It was not long before Kenna realized that the noise was being caused by a living creature that was trying to make its way into her home. Once she was able to see what was taking place, she decided to do everything in her power to help the critter. When she first noticed them, she sent a text to her roommate, Kiley.

She did not have answers for Kenna, though. Buchanan had a suspicion that some sort of rodent was chewing its way through their walls and as it turns out, she was 100 percent correct.

Photo: TikTok/@kennabuchanan3

It was not long before she learned the identity of the creature in question. It turned out that her neighbor’s hamster had gotten loose and was burrowing into her house.

Linda is the hamster’s name and she means well. It took a sizable amount of chewing but Linda eventually poked her head through the wall.

Photo: TikTok/@kennabuchanan3

Kenna did her part to help out and it is nice to see her being such a good friend to her neighbor and the hamster. “Linda was successfully lured out with tortilla chips and returned to her owner,” she shared.

The video has received nearly 5 million views, as everyone was given the chance to enjoy the journey for themselves.


Entertaining night, the time my neighbors hamster chewed through our wall into my apartment!

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The comments on this one are absolutely priceless. “The fact that the hamster is named Linda is sending me into orbit,” said one commentator. There were some who had been through similar situations in their own lives as well.

“My hamster escaped for about a week and we came downstairs one morning to a hole in the kitchen ceiling,” shared one viewer. “I had the exact same happen to me but it was my upstairs neighbour!! Hamster are mental,” added another.