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When most of us think about decorating our home with a tree, the first thing we think of is Christmas. After all, most people who celebrate Christmas will have a tree in their home, although some of them may be artificial.

Now that Halloween is on the horizon, people want to get in the spirit and they are doing so in a unique way. It is a trending item that may just stick around for the long haul because it offers something unique and festive.

Photo: flickr/Suzie Tremmel

What I’m talking about are Halloween trees. They are an interesting addition to many homes and in true Internet fashion, the hashtag #Halloweentree is taking over on Instagram:

According to Good Morning America, there is also the news from Pinterest, as they report an increase of 66% from last year for people who are searching for “Halloween Tree Ideas.” The search for “Black Halloween Trees” is also up over 50%.

Many of the large retailers are also getting in on the action, offering orange, black, and purple artificial trees.

Check out some of the trees below from #Halloweentree on Instagram:

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