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Grandmas are the best. They bake the best cookies, give the best hugs, and they are expert gift-givers. One young girl received the absolute sweetest and most unique Christmas gift from her grandma, and it was all based on a school project that the girl had created.

Julie Cordiner is a loving grandma living in Hartlepool, England. She shared a tweet that showed her immense pride in her granddaughter’s school project. As the tweet explained, the child’s school had the kids draw a design for a Christmas sweater for the benefit of the Save the Children’s annual Christmas Jumper Day charity drive. Julie’s granddaughter seemed to be quite gifted when it came to coming up with a design as her drawing was full of presents under a tree, Santa, and pretty blue snowflakes scattered throughout the picture.

Given her granddaughter’s pretty drawing, Julie felt inspired to turn her drawing into a personalized Christmas sweater! In her tweet, Julie shared photos of the drawing and the sweater side by side – and they look nearly identical. This very thoughtful and heartfelt gift was quite a surprise to the young girl.

Julie shared, “The look on her face when she opened it was priceless!”

Besides her own granddaughter, the present brought a smile to the face of more than 110,000 people as the tweet went viral. Many people were impressed by how well Julie was able to recreate her granddaughter’s design with such accuracy. But more impressive is the fact that Julie was able to create the sweater in such a limited time. The granddaughter drew around the 11th of December, as that is when Save the Children shared a picture of the design. That means this crafty grandma, in order to have it completed by Christmas, must have created the entire thing within two weeks!

How amazing is that? That is quite a thoughtful gift and just one reason why our grandmas are absolutely wonderful. What do you think of Julie’s personalized gift to her granddaughter? Let us know!

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