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When it comes to Halloween, there are people who decorate and then there are those who create hauntingly spooky scenes using their Halloween decorations. To be honest, we live for that level of creativity.

One Ohio resident, Alan Perkins, made quite the display within his neighborhood. The Halloween enthusiast spent 25 days constructing a very elaborate, very on-theme arrangement using skeletons.

Photo: Pixabay/kabe32

Perkins made it look like a giant skeleton was attempting an escape from his home. In his display, there are two gigantic skeleton arms that are reaching around the sides of the house. One of the hands actually grabs onto a smaller skeleton – although it’s not that small at 12-feet.

There is also another skeleton that is posed to appear as if it’s climbing up the roof. The display wouldn’t be complete without a giant spider crawling across what appears to be boarded-up windows.

His idea for the Halloween display first came to him several years ago. According to Mashable, he explained, “A few years ago, I saw a tree poking through a roof like they bought a Christmas tree that was too big. I thought it was fun and wanted to make a Halloween twist on it. I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be neat if it looked like a skeleton was breaking out of my home?’ And that started the wheels turning.”

In his Facebook post shared in the Cleveland Haunt Club group, Perkins added, “Home Depot was out of giant skeletons. So I decided to make one.”

And he wasn’t joking either, he did in fact make the impressive skeleton arms himself. He used foam and PVC armature for support. Using the help of his two kids, Perkins was able to see his idea become a reality. He explained that he first cut into the foam before gluing the PVC using spray foam. Then, he shaped the pieces.

He further added, “The outside is coated in glue and sand to hard coat it a bit for abrasion when putting it up, and it is waterproofed with some clear exterior sealer.”

But those giant skeleton arms aren’t the only part of the display that he’s got, he also shared he wants to create a giant skull so it can appear to break through the roof.

While his display is impressive, it’s not the first time that he has been compelled to put together elaborate displays. He once made a labyrinth of spiderwebs and a life-sized Batmobile for his son using LEGO. He even went as far as covering a local bridge with a huge spider web!

For those who want to pay a Halloween visit to see his display, Perkin’s home is located in the Cleveland, Ohio southwestern suburb of Olmsted Fall, right on River Road.

You can also try to re-create the display on your own home with the instructions Perkins provides here.

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