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Unfortunately, COVID-19 seems here to stay with us during the winter months. And that means more months of isolation at home, social distancing in public, and readjusting our lives so we can get used to this new normal.

And as we enter the winter months, there are many restaurants that are wondering how they are going to be able to continue to facilitate outdoor dining during the colder months. But thanks to a giant bubble solution, there is hope for restaurants to be able to continue serving outdoors into the winter months. Not only do these bubbles provide isolation between diners in order to comply with social distancing and safety guidelines, but they also provide diners with plenty of warmth to sit outdoors.

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While these tents might be springing up in restaurants, they can also be used in everyday life. The bubble’s creator, Alvantor, makes these bubble tents in a variety of sizes which means that you can purchase them for all your outdoor needs. The bubble tents are quite versatile so you can use it during a trip to the beach or to go camping in, but the space within the tent definitely has the capacity to accommodate a small group. But more so, the bubble tents can also be used in the comfort of your backyard to keep warm as well as take shelter from the rain or bugs.

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This is what we call proper social distancing! So romantic as the sun sets !

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These tents can be purchased on Amazon, and they vary in price from $399.99 to $749.99 – all dependent on the size selected. The larger tents have enough room in them to comfortably accommodate a table and chairs or even an air mattress. And during the winter months, it’s possible to set up a portable heater inside to make it extra cozy. But you don’t have to worry about a heater during the daytime since the sun will automatically heat up the tent through a greenhouse effect.

These bubble tents are proving to be quite a popular purchase online. There are 200 reviews so far on Amazon, and most of the ratings are between 4.1- out of 5-star ratings. Sounds like these just might be the tents of the future. What do you think about them?