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When it comes to being a nanny, you need to be more than someone who watches the kids. You have to be at their beck and call 24-hours a day. You often see job posting for nannies that go above and beyond when it comes to the requirements.

Perhaps that is why we weren’t surprised to see a job post that was shared on Reddit. It comes pretty close to the most ridiculous thing we’ve seen in a long time, and the job in no way matches the price offered.

Photo: Reddit / Choosing Beggars

When you look at the job description, you can tell that it is a full-time job. You have to be available five days a week, eight hours a day, but then they say you have to be on call in case the kids are sick. You also need to be ready to travel, have your own vehicle, and be great on the computer.

That is where things take a turn for the worse. You have to make meals for the kids and do grocery shopping, so along with being a nanny, you are a personal shopper and a chef. You also have to care for the pets, be a tutor, run errands for the family, and who knows what else.

Along with those jobs, you have to be a therapist and a mindreader. You also need to stick with their health standards and be a general helper for anything they need. I’m sure that somebody will fit the bill but most people will run away from it. You can’t even be an older person and handle the job because you have to be between the ages of 25 and 30.

Do you speak a number of languages? That’s also a requirement.

The best part is, you get to make $13 an hour for being a super person for this family. They also snuck in some options for working on the weekends, just in case you missed it.

As you can imagine, Reddit was buzzing with people saying how much they were upset about what was being offered. I would have to agree that it is beyond ridiculous.

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