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House-hunting can be a tedious undertaking. Anyone who has ever gone online looking for a place to live knows that not every listing is what it seems. And there is one apartment in London that is really quite strange – so much so that writer Felicity Cloake posted about it on her Twitter shortly after discovery.

The one-bedroom, “warehouse conversion-style” apartment is selling for around $480,000 USD. But its appearance doesn’t look like any one-bedroom apartment we’re used to seeing.

Photo: Zoopla /

In fact, in her Twitter post, Cloake wrote, “You say warehouse conversion-style flat, I say sleeping in the gym. Still, always useful to have ‘bags of character’ and several changing rooms.”

Shortly after posting, lots of people jumped on Cloake’s tweet. The listing showed that the apartment is actually a basement apartment and appeared to have no windows. Furthermore, the apartment seemed to consist of one giant room that had a curtain separating the kitchen – seems more like a studio apartment than an actual one-bedroom place.

Photo: Zoopla /
Photo: Zoopla /

However, there is one seemingly nice draw: a very fancy-looking bathroom. But perhaps the most surprising thing is that the listing actually admitted that the “storage units” previously were changing rooms.

Photo: Zoopla /

In the ad, the listing wrote, “The apartment has a unique storage area (formally changing rooms), brand new shower room and separate toilet.”

Cloake’s tweets had a lot of different responses. While many people saw the apartment as a nightmarish place to live, there were others that seemed to have a more positive outlook on it. One person joked that you can use the kitchen area to “mix up your protein shake,” while someone else seemed to look on the storage area with favorability.

Now to see if anyone actually buys this place. Would you buy this apartment? Let us know!

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