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JD Chambers of Rainfall Projects is quite the builder and one of his recent projects was really something special.

This project was carried out at the behest of the good folks at Bourbon Moth Woodworking Co., who decided to add their own embellishments later on.

Photo: YouTube/Rainfall Projects

They chose their own wood to finish it off and the finished product is awesome to look at. This steel folding staircase frame is as sleek and modern as it gets.

The versatility that this staircase has to offer is also noteworthy. It can be hung up on the wall, which keeps it from taking up too much room. In fact, the staircase will hide in plain sight. For those who are looking to maximize their home’s square footage, these are the types of things that need to be considered.

Photo: YouTube/Rainfall Projects

“I’ve got to be buddies with Bourbon Moth over the last few years…He asked if I could make him a set of folding stairs for a studio he’s been building at his place. It’s kind of like a fun project. He told me the height and the width he was thinking and I got to work,” Chambers shares with the audience. He had a blast making this and it shows!

It’s one of those videos that you are going to want to watch more than once. We had to take this one in a few times, so that we could truly appreciate it. When we get the chance to see people like Chambers working their magic, we are always impressed. This type of stuff always seems so beyond us.

Photo: YouTube/Rainfall Projects

Chambers can take on these sorts of tasks as a “fun project,” while the rest of us are in absolute awe over what he has created.

If you want to see the staircase for yourself, be sure to check out the video below:

Kudos to JD Chambers for taking the time to finish up such an incredible project.