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Whether you are someone who uses baby wipes or other intimate hygiene products, this is a story that you are definitely going to want to find out more about.

While these products can have their place in a home, there is one place that they should never be, and that’s in your toilet! They may be marked as flushable but there are severe consequences that can take place if they are actually flushed.

Photo: TikTok/@georgetheplumber

You don’t even have to take our word for it. We are providing you with assistance from a certified professional, @georgetheplumber. When the video starts, he is standing outside of a residence, in search of the cause of a pretty serious-looking clog. From there, he removes the top of the drain fitting to see what the issue is.

It is not long before sewage water is flowing every which way. The clog’s source becomes painfully obvious in this moment. There were a sizable number of flushable wipes that were not nearly as disposable as the homeowner wanted to think.

Photo: TikTok/@georgetheplumber

It’s a 37-second clip that has no words or additional commentary because it is not necessary. The wipes just keep on flowing and flowing, allowing the visuals to speak for themselves.

The video has received 3 million views and serves as an excellent reminder to the general public. “Sewage, septic, renting or owning. You should always care. You should never put anything down the toilet. It’s not hard to throw them away,” said one viewer. These may be the truest words they ever spoke.

Photo: TikTok/@georgetheplumber

“I use wipes, but I don’t flush them under any circumstances. I’ll put them in a bin or something,” another viewer chimed in. A different viewer said that they had kept flushing theirs and they ended up learning the hard way. An $800 plumbing bill is a heck of a way to find out about the importance of not flushing these wipes.


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That’s why this is a video that absolutely, positively needs to be shared. Others had different questions to ask. “this is the thing I don’t understand…. how have flushable wipes companies not been sued like crazy?” inquired one viewer. That is a very good question, to say the least.