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Mascots have a tough job. No, really. Think about it. They are supposed to liven up crowds and get them excited for their team.

That takes a lot of energy and quick thinking to accomplish during a game when all kinds of emotions are running quite high.

Photo: YouTube/yonakito12

Usually, mascots will resort to some sort of humorous antic in order to keep the team spirit going – a wise move given that making people laugh is the surefire way to keep them feeling happy.

But there is one team mascot who really took the comedy to the next level after it pretended to “devour” an unsuspecting worker nearby.

Photo: YouTube/yonakito12

During a baseball game, the giant fish caught sight of a worker who was engrossed in doing their job and not really paying much attention, so the fish decides to have a little fun, and it really got the crowd laughing.

In the video, you see the fish mascot place a ball in front of the man, hoping that he will take the hint and toss it. The worker does, and soon a game of fetch happens, but then they worker finally gets fed up and goes back to performing his task.

Photo: YouTube/yonakito12

As a result, the fish decides it’s time to “eat” him! The entire exchange between these two was caught on camera, and it appears that the crowd loved every second of it.

Check out the video down below:

What do you think of this hilarious mascot? What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen a mascot do during a game? Let us know!