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When you look back on 2020, what is it that you remember? Most people think about the pandemic and how much it has changed their lives. Some of those changes are obvious, such as staying at home, the economic impact, or missing our friends.

For a family in North Carolina, the restrictions of COVID-19 meant more than those items that affected most people. They were looking forward to the birth of a child, but unfortunately, the mother, Madilyn Mazur, and her husband were the only ones permitted to go into the hospital room.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Not a group to be dissuaded, the family members decided that they were not going to take things lying down. Rather than waiting by the phone at home for the call to come in, they pitched a tent under the hospital window and put up encouraging signs to let her know that they were there for her.

Photo: Facebook/Madilyn Wike Mazur

Pictures and videos were taken from inside the hospital room and you can see the signs clearly. They include everything from “just say yes to the drugs” to “PUSH MADDIE”. Those images were uploaded to Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Madilyn Wike Mazur

It wasn’t just the family waiting for the birth of a child, they were calling it a parking lot party. Even the father brought along his speaker and the only thing missing was for a corn hole game to be set up.

Photo: Facebook/Madilyn Wike Mazur

As it turns out, they didn’t have to wait very long. Michael Jr. was delivered via C-section on September 26, and the announcement came through on Facebook that he was doing well.

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