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There are certain transformation stories that need to be seen in order to be believed. This story definitely falls into that category. Melody Joy is well known to those who use TikTok but there are others who may not be aware of what has taken place. She likes using the app to offer people a closer look at her world and her social media bio is as funny as it gets. She knows that her pond is the true star of the show.

As she puts it, the pond has more “clout” than she does. The bio is spot on because once the family decided to dye the pond a different color? The video racked up over 30 million views before anyone could blink. “So our pond has always been super brown,” the young woman says in the clip.

Image by JL G from Pixabay

They decided to change that once and for all. To get started, Melody’s father decided to add packets to the pond that would automatically dissolve into the water.

In the video that you are about to see, Dad and brother are dumping an entire bucket of the dye into the pond. They are in a rowboat at the time, which is being used to spread the dye around more evenly. Once the dye was given a chance to settle, the pond looked totally different. We cannot believe the color change (or how quickly it was able to happen).


we dyed our pond 💙 #fyp

♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber

One commentator had us laughing when they pointed out how bizarre this would be for the schools of fish that were living in this pond. Just imagine how insane it would be to watch your entire habitat change color overnight! The pond has gone from looking like a pool of mud to something out of an overseas resort.

Thanks to this family for providing everyone with this awesome tutorial. We suspect that they are not going to be the only ones who decide to dye their pond a different color. The fish and the humans are both enjoying the switch, that is for sure. Please take a moment to share this incredible clip!

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