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There are certain stories that can be hard to fathom and this woman’s tale is one of them. She prides herself on running a low-waste home. As a result of this lifestyle, she has made some decisions that are sure to catch some of our readers totally off guard.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, this is a philosophy that she lives by….even when it comes to her toilet paper!

Photo: TikTok/@tiny_waste

This TikTok user hails from Pennsylvania and she has gotten by in a very interesting way. She makes reusable toilet paper out of old pajamas.

This is one of the choices that she makes, as she looks to run a home that produces as little waste as possible. Her name is Ali Hall and she goes by the handle @tiny_waste when she is on TikTok.

Photo: TikTok/@tiny_waste

The toilet paper is referred to as “family cloth.” Of course, she could not resist sharing a video where she spoke out about how her family acts when they have to stay with her. In the video, she shows the toilet in her upstairs bathroom, which is used primarily by her and her hubby. There’s also a bidet attached, which helps.

The “family cloth” comes in a flannel pattern. While Ali is willing to admit that “family cloth” is not the best name for this toilet paper, she is going to continue to use this moniker anyway.

Photo: TikTok/@tiny_waste

“This is a basket of clean wipes, mostly flannel cut from old Christmas pajamas,” Hall says. “When I use the bathroom, I let the bidet do all the heavy lifting, pat dry with a clean wipe, and then put the used wipe in this bin which will eventually go into the laundry,” she continues.

None of these wipes are used twice without being placed in the laundry. “I personally love cloth toilet paper because it’s sturdier and softer on my bum,” she went on to admit. Her husband does not like to use this toilet paper and that’s why she keeps a paper roll on hand for him.

“Cloth toilet paper is just one of many ways my household has reduced waste, in this case, paper waste. (But don’t worry, we still have an abundance of toilet paper made from recycled material for guests!),” Hall continues.


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What do you think of this idea? If you are anything like us, you are currently struggling to wrap your mind around it!