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Channon Rose is a mother with a very unique story to tell. She has decided that it is time to remove toilet paper from the equation entirely and her family has had to make quite the adjustment as a result.

Rose has shared the information on TikTok where she can be found at @channonrose1, respectively. Her video about swapping out toilet paper for “family cloth” has become very popular.

Photo: TikTok/@channonrose1

People want to know why she made the decision and what family cloth actually is. In her estimation, regular toilet paper is actually quite gross and she does not like how crumbly it gets. Of course, she is not using the “family cloth” exclusively. They also have a bidet that does most of the heavy lifting when it comes time to use the bathroom.

According to her video, “water and cloth just cleans you way better.” She loves to recycle and she creates the cloths on her own, using old washcloths to do so. She even cuts them up herself. “It’s soft and comfortable,” she claims.

Photo: TikTok/@channonrose1

Reusable cloth is also used to blow her nose and she no longer uses Kleenex. So what happens when the cloth runs out?

Rose says that she washes them “with all our clothes, no extra laundry necessary.” These are not the only items that she no longer uses in the bathroom. “I don’t use menstrual cups because I have endometriosis and it causes too much pain. I switched to reusable menstrual cloth pads,” she adds. Ever since the change was made, “I noticed way less cramping,” and “it saves me so much money.”

Photo: TikTok/@channonrose1

These are the types of videos that are sure to be polarizing. Some viewers wanted to hear more about her methods, while others were cringing every step of the way. “So what about for guests, do you supply them with toilet paper or do they use reusable ones?” one viewer asked.

“Yes we always have regular toilet paper for guests. I have everything disposable for guests we just don’t use it personally,” Rose replied.


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She had one last remark for her naysayers as well and it is hard to argue against. “If you got poop on your hand would you just wipe it with toilet paper? No way! You would wash with water and then dry off with a towel WAY cleaner!” She’s certainly got us there!