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For most of us, splurging on food means going out to a nice dinner or grabbing a pint of ice cream when you’re at the grocery store. For some people, however, it means so much more! These foods are ridiculously expensive, but it seems the higher the price, the more in demand they are. Have you ever tried any of these foods? Check out the list below!

Da Hong Po

Guess how much one gram of this rare tea costs. $10? $15? Try $1,400!! That means a full pot of da hong po tea is about $10,000. What makes this tea so special? Original da hong po teas come from southern China. They get their unique flavor from the rain and water in that area, mainly after the water has run through the limestone landscape. There are plenty of affordable da hong po teas, but the original tea is what is so pricy. It comes from the mother trees – all da hong po trees can trace their lineage back to the group of ancient mother trees. Since there aren’t many mother trees left, this pricey tea is bound to get more and more expensive!

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Yubari King Melons

These melons come from Japan, where the people are obsessed with perfect fruit. It is a status symbol in Japan, and people are willing to pay big bucks for the perfect texture, shape, and flavor. The record for the most money spent on a pair of yubari king melons is just over $30,000!

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Safron has been in high demand for hundreds of years. A pound of this spice costs around $3,500! The price is due to the fact that it has to be harvested by hand, and it takes around 7,000 flowers to produce that pound of safron. Plus, the crop only yeilds its full potential every three years.

Ayam Cemani Chickens

Right away you can probably see that these chickens stand out with their completely black appearance. And it’s not just their feathers that are black – the meat in these chickens is also black! Native to Japan, these chickens are often used in religious ceremonies. The meat is said to hold a ton of health benefits, and many people believe it even holds a mystical power. One ayem cemani chicken costs around $2,500.

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Black Ivory Coffee

We’re all about a good cup of coffee, but paying $1,000 for a pound of black ivory coffee? That seems a bit extreme. This coffee comes from feeding elephants the coffee berry and then extracing it from their poop. Yes, you read that right. Elephant poop coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. It is said to taste rather nutty. Who knew?

White Truffles

The price of white truffles varies widely depending on weather impacts onthe crop. In 2017, a kilo of white truffles cost upwards of $5,500! And that was just for restaurant grade truffles. In 2016, someone stumbled upon a huge, two pound white truffle, and sold it at an auction for a stiffling $300,000!

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