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What do you do as a former professional wrestler when the pandemic is slowing down your acting career? You begin investing in your favorite ice cream flavors!

Late last year, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to invest in Salt & Straw ice cream, and came up with a line of tequila at the beginning of 2020. With plenty of time on his hands, he decided to mix up the bunch and create some interesting holiday ice cream flavors, including Dwanta Claus Naughty, Nice & Spiked pint five-pack.

A tweet went out from Salt & Straw regarding the holiday pack, including one of the options being spiked.

If you are interested in purchasing these ice cream flavors yourself, you can do so online for $65. Every flavor is associated with the holidays, including spiked eggnog. Every pint of this decadent ice cream you purchase from Salt & Straw will also have one dollar donated to the World Central Kitchen.

According to People, Johnson said: “Dwanta Claus is back to spread delicious holiday cheer with my friends at Salt & Straw and it’s getting boozy. We had some fun creating our new Teremana Tequila infused flavor and more importantly, we are honored to support the incredible work done at World Central Kitchen and their efforts to end hunger and poverty.”

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There are five different flavors in the Dwanta Claus Naughty, Nice & Spiked pint five-pack.

Perhaps the most popular of these flavors will be the spiked eggnog. It is a frozen custard that includes an “oaky vanilla from Teremana’s Reposado.”

A whiskey flavored ice cream that includes chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter is “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.”

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For those who love brownies, the “Chocolate Gooey Brownie” is reminiscent of the batter right out of the pan.

According to Salt & Straw, a favorite is the “Rock’n Around the Christmas Tree” which counts as a cheat day pint. It includes a base of Pacific Northwest Spruce ice cream with buttery frosting and gooey brownies. It is decorated with raspberry jam and glacé cherries.

There is also a base flavor, the “Singing Dog Vanilla.” They claim to use twice as many vanilla beans in the extract and it adds a delicious punch.

Looks like I have some online ordering to do.

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