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We love cake and we love to see our friends happy, so this story speaks to us on a variety of different levels. As we all know, having a friend that is not in a good relationship can be a major drain on the whole group.

We’ve all had that one friend who cannot stop coming to the group to vent about the same things over and over again. It gets hard to deal with after a while.

Photo: TikTok/@kennedymeyers

Once the venting gets to be too much, that’s when the friends will start to advise them to leave the person that is causing them all of the anguish.

This is the exact scenario that has taken place for Kennedy Elyse Meyers (@kennedymeyers on TikTok). She is so tired of her friend’s relationship troubles that she decided to provide her with a message that would be impossible to ignore.

Photo: TikTok/@kennedymeyers

“One of my friends is in the group chat stressing us out, so maybe this is a message she needs to receive via cake,” she shared in a recent upload. “Hot Girl Summer 23 is around the corner,” Meyers decided to add in the caption to her hilarious post. “Dump him IMMEDIATELY.”

We are then given a close-up viewing of her amazing cake. The heart-shaped treat is sure to catch her friend’s attention, we are willing to bet.

Photo: TikTok/@kennedymeyers

The cake is made of chocolate, which her friend loves. The two layers of the cake are also being held together by Oreo cheesecake filling, which only serves to make us hungry. We are kind of jealous of the friend, bad relationship and all.

Vanilla frosting, pink frosting, decorative icing and cherries were used to top the cake. The written message that was included is the best of all. “DUMP HIM,” it reads and the message cannot get much simpler than that, can it?


Hot Girl Summer 23 is around the corner. Dump him IMMEDIATELY 🤭🤭💕

♬ original sound – Kennedy Elyse Meyers

She even dances around to “Potential Breakup Song” by Aly&AJ while she bakes the cake, to drive the point home.

“She wanted advice, and so we told her to leave that [expletive] alone,” Meyers shares. “Now, she can’t read. And I definitely take a judgment-free zone approach to my friendships,” she goes on to say. “Until you start acting like a dud. Until you start forgetting your worth.”

We hope that this friend drops the zero eventually but in the meantime, we can still marvel at this amazing cake!