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Driveway Turntables released an advertisement and it’s one of the neatest things we’ve ever seen.

When the ad opens, a woman is seen walking out of her house. Her car is parked in the yard and at this point, we are blissfully unaware as to what the ad is actually about.

Photo: YouTube/Engineering and architecture

Once she presses a button, the concept becomes crystal clear. The car begins to rotate away from the home. From there, it turns towards the street and allows her to leave more safely. It’s an amazing sequence of events and our words can hardly do it justice. Without this nifty invention, she would have been left to back into traffic in an unsafe manner.

In addition to enhancing her personal safety, the whole thing happens to look really, really cool. This is a little thing that we like to call the best of both worlds.

Photo: YouTube/Engineering and architecture
Photo: YouTube/Engineering and architecture

So, what exactly is a car turntable and how does it work?

According to Engineering and architecture, “A car turntable or driveway turntable is a rotating platform designed for use by a car; they can be motorized or manually rotated and are usually installed in a driveway or in a garage floor. They rotate a motor vehicle to facilitate its easier or safer egress.”

Photo: YouTube/Engineering and architecture

While it may seem complicated, the company website explains that the installation process is simple. They said, “We dig a hole, we drop the complete unit in and you can start spinnin’.”

Pricing starts at €8,000 ($9,453.52 USD) and that covers all equipment and installation. Check out the video below:

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