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Hogging the covers is one of the most common issues that plague the average couple. That’s what makes this story such a resonant one.

A TikTok couple is offering up the perfect hack so that the non-cover hogs out there are not left to shiver all night. The hack is being described as “life-changing” and we are going to have to agree on that one. In fact, this tip is so simple, many couples will be wondering why they have not come up with this one already.

Photo: TikTok/@sejsejlija

It is known as the “European bedding style” and it is simple. Each of you will have your own duvet so that there is no arguing over the primary one.

Cecilia Blomdahl explains things to her viewers. She says that couples need to get started with a fitted sheet. From there, two duvet covers are overlapped in the middle of the bed, allowing a quarter of the blanket to hang accordingly.

Photo: TikTok/@sejsejlija

This hack allows each sleeper to be totally comfortable, regardless of the temperature. This is a popular sleeping method for those who reside in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. However, that does not mean that Americans cannot enjoy these benefits. Those who reside outside of Europe are already finding themselves falling head over heels for this tactic.

“Honestly the first time I experienced 2 duvets was in Iceland and it was LIFECHANGING,” said one viewer. “This is how my husband and I do it too here in America, we can not share one blanket we have to have at least two for our sanity,” said another.

Photo: TikTok/@sejsejlija

That’s where we do have to chuckle a bit because we were expecting a hack that is a bit harder to wrap your mind around. Something as simple as getting a blanket for each side of the bed should not have been that hard to come up. However, we can understand why some couples are so reticent. It is hard to break tradition like this.

Check out the clip below:


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“We recently got two duvets and it’s been the best choice for the longevity of our marriage,” joked another viewer. Some of our most annoying nights took place because of a cover hog!