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This is a story that is sure to appeal to all those who spent their formative years watching the Nickelodeon classics. If you are a fan of Drake & Josh and wanted to know if it was possible to re-create their bedroom, this is your big chance.

The college student went viral on TikTok after sharing the renovation. We must admit that the final result is incredibly impressive.

Photo: Pixabay/Elke

In his words, the dorm room is “insane.” What was once a standard-issue dorm room is now a thing of beauty. 18-year-old Colby Guenther posted the clip, which stunned a wide range of viewers.

Drake Bell and Josh Peck’s setup was the coolest, wasn’t it? Colby and his roommate were able to successfully copy their formula and the end result is well worth your time.

Photo: TikTok/colbyguenther
Photo: TikTok/colbyguenther

Their multi-bed platform has plenty of storage space beneath it, as you would expect if you would have watched the show during your childhood. Guenther was also sure to take the viewer during his own creative process. He used a sizable wooden platform to lift the bed. From there, the rest took care of itself. He and his roommate now have so much more space for activities!

They are using the extra storage room in an awesome way. There’s lots of space for additional snacks now, as well as a shoe rack and a small fridge. Most freshman dorms do not allow for this amount of space. If you have ever lived in one before, you know just how tiny that they can be.

Watch the TikTok below to check out the renovation for yourself:


What should we put on the walls? They are like completely blank and we have no idea what to do #dormtour #dorm

♬ original sound – colby guenther

Guenther received numerous questions from viewers about how he pulled off this incredible design. So, he decided to issue a follow-up video and explain his process.

You won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see what the room used to look like. Check it in the follow-up video below:


Reply to @bltch13 also shut out @Hype Flags they are sending us flags for the room #dormtour #dorm

♬ original sound – colby guenther

The comments were split between those who thought that his tactics were insane and others who thought it was genius. We would not be surprised to hear that these young men are currently majoring in engineering.

What do you think of the bedroom redesign? Would you do this to your dorm room? Let us know!

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