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Many of us use DoorDash for the convenience that it provides. There’s just something nice about picking up the phone or ordering your food online and having it delivered right to you.

It seems that in Massachusetts, those drivers are delivering more than food. Thanks to the quick thinking and training of one of those drivers, a woman has lived to see another day.

Photo: flickr/ajay_suresh

According to a Facebook post by the Fairhaven Police Department K9 Unit, the driver, who was trained as an EMT, came upon a woman, Caryn Herbert Sullivan, who was unconscious in the driveway. It happend after Sullivan had ordered a pizza. While waiting outside, she fell down and hit her head.

When the driver arrived, Sullivan was already laying on the ground and bleeding from her head. Sullivan was also unconscious, although she did say that she remembered laying in the driveway and thinking, “This is pretty much over.”

When the driver, Sophia Furtado, arrived with a pizza around 10 PM, she saw what had happened and went to work immediately. After noticing that the blood was congealing, she estimated that Sullivan may have been outside for up to 20 minutes.

She also saw that Sullivan’s eyes were rolling back in her head and she was afraid she was going to lose her. Immediately, she called 911 and wrapped a blanket around her head to apply pressure to the wound.

Furtado continued to help Sullivan and keep her stable until the paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital. She was taken into emergency surgery for severe brain bleeds and the doctor said if she wasn’t cared for immediately on the scene, she might have died.

In the Facebook post, the police department wrote: “Any first responder can tell you, what Sophia did that night was not something anyone would just do. She saved a life.”

This was something that took Sullivan months to recover from and she said that if it weren’t for that driver, she wouldn’t be alive.

She spoke to CNN, saying how grateful she was and calling Sophia a Guardian Angel. She said: “Thank God, she was there. If she wasn’t there, I’d be dead.”

The driver was given a $1000 educational grant from DoorDash and a lifesaving award from the Fairhaven Police Department.

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