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When we come home from being out late, it can be our natural instinct to turn the lights on right away. However, one TikTok user is saying not to do that.

Mary Alice, a US-based singer and songwriter, is the one who posted the video. She was inspired by an encounter that she had with a very suspicious man recently. To make matters worse, it took place right outside of her apartment building. She parked her car and was approached by a man who gave her “bad vibes.”

Photo: TikTok/@heyitsmaryalice

Once she took the time to tell the story, it was very easy to see why she felt that way. “When I got home tonight, I got out of my car. And there was a man getting s— out of his car,” she said in the viral clip, which she first uploaded for her followers on March 31. “I had never seen him before this morning when he was in my apartment complex area.”

The man tried to make conversation with her about her headlight being broken. Mary told him that she was aware of the situation and that she would have it repaired another day.

Photo: TikTok/@heyitsmaryalice

That would be unsettling enough but that’s not all that happened. The man took things to a whole new level and our heart goes out to Mary during this difficult experience.

“I go inside. Don’t turn the lights on, but I have a feeling to check my Ring camera,” she continued. “He’s standing in the street, which is very close to my apartment building. Staring at my building. And he did not leave for like five minutes.”

Photo: TikTok/@heyitsmaryalice

What an incredibly disturbing thing to have to go through. The man hid behind a car in the parking lot and was still watching her apartment the whole time.

“He waited to see. So, now he knows what car I drive and where I live, but not my apartment. Don’t turn your lights on,” she went on to say.


im so tired of feeling like prey !! my lights are only on in my bathroom now becauase its the only room i have with no windows #creepy #creepystory #womensafety #womensafetytips #storytime #scarystory #stalker #menarescary #apartmentsafety

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In a follow-up video, Mary said she spoke with her landlord and the man turned out to be a tenant in the same apartment building. Apparently, he’d lived there for 10 years and Mary just hadn’t noticed him before. Either way, it’s better to be safe than sorry!